「UTAKATA うたかた」

人は不惑というけれど、時折 時間が通り過ぎていく “早さ” を感じる瞬間がある。目紛しく変化する日々の中で、大事なことを見過ごしてる焦燥感。そんな時、私は身の廻りの「あたり前の風景」や「日常」を見据えるようになりました。



People say that time flies, but there are moments when I feel that time is passing too quickly. In the midst of the dizzying changes of daily life, I feel a sense of frustration that I am missing out on something important. At such times, I began to look at the “ordinary scenery” and “daily life” around me.

Looking at the world from a bird’s eye view through a viewfinder, I even get the sense that we are governed by the mysteriousness in the nature, that we are helpless and repeating our human activities in the providence of nature that seems to be beyond our will. It is not a negative feeling, but rather an attempt to respond to and accept “nature” in my own existence.

In the midst of this, seasons pass, love, sadness, and loneliness exist, and I find the “people” who are trying their best to live there beautiful and endearing.

2019.05 Art photograph group show 光と瞬  vol.46~気鋭の写真表現者たち~グループ展RECTO VERSO GALLERY

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